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Cereal-fruit bar
The following two recipes (adapted from Dany, 1988) preserve all the nutritious values which might otherwise be destroyed through heating in the previous preparations. The baking described in the granola and candy bar recipes is replaced by drying at temperatures of 40 to 45 0C. This also facilitates processing for those who do not have access to baking stoves.

The oats used here can be replaced by one or a mixture of other grains. They should however be rolled into flakes. The pollen extract (3.12.1) mentioned here, can also be powdered, bee-collected pollen or the fermented manmade beebread mentioned in section 3.12.2.

Basic Ingredients (in parts by volume):
4 Rolled oats
1 Boiled water or fruit juice
0.2 Vegetable oil or fat
0.2 Dry yeast (brewers yeast, bakers yeast or other)
0.6-1.2 Pollen extract
q.s. Salt

The following ingredients (by piece per 50 g. of oats) can be mixed according to taste and availability:
2 Figs Or 1 tablesp Chopped chocolate
½ Banana 4 Dried apricots
½ Apple ½ Apple
2 teasp Ground almonds 1 tablesp Soybeans (toasted or boiled)
1 tablesp Sunflower seeds 1
1 tablesp Raisins 1 tablesp Raisins
5 Dates 1 tablesp Chopped nuts

A small amount of honey can be added for sweetening.
For a more unusual flavour the following is recommended:
50 g Rolled oats
30 g Fresh pureed tomatoes
1-2 tblsp Pollen extract
½ A pureed green pepper
½ Finely chopped onion
1 Clove of garlic
s.q. Small quantities of herbal spices: estragon, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano or chili pepper (according to taste)

The pollen extract is dissolved in the water or fruit juice and the liquid poured over the rolled grains. Stir and leave for a while to allow absorption of the liquid, then add the other ingredients, mix and knead well and if necessary add a little water.
Spread the dough to dry on an oiled slab, board or sheet, to a thickness of 1 cm or less. Wax paper or a food grade plastic foil may also be used instead of the oiled slab. The thinner the dough is spread, the better the drying. Precut the dough into bars with a knife

Slow drying at low temperatures is recommended. In a warm room, in an opened solar drier or in the direct sun, the mixture should be covered with a cloth to exclude flies, bees, dust and other contaminations. In an oven, the temperature should not exceed 50 0C with a door left partly open.
The fruit and nut mixtures will keep for a couple of weeks but the vegetable mixture should be consumed as soon as possible. Individual bars can be wrapped in waxed paper or plastic foil approved for food use.

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