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3.12.5 Candy bars
There are many ways of preparing candy bars with nuts, chocolate, grains, popcorn and puffed rice to which pollen or even larvae can be added For replacing part of the sugars with honey in any recipe see the recipe section in Chapter 2.

The following is a general recipe from the same source as the granola and can be modified substantially for different flavours, textures etc.
Ingredients (in parts by volume):
3 Honey
4 Butter
0.3 Water
4 to 6 Slivered almonds (or other nuts, larvae or pollen)
3 Melted semisweet chocolate
1 Finely chopped nuts, larvae, pollen or raisins

Sliver or break large nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts but, peanuts, for example, can be left whole. If a roasted nut flavour is preferred, add the nuts at the beginning to the honey, butter and water mix. If not, spread them on a buttered slab or pan and pour the cooked syrup over them.

Heat the honey, butter and water in a heavy skillet. Cook rapidly and stir constantly for about 10 minutes or until the mixture reaches the hard-crack stage (1500C). Add the nuts and larvae quickly and pour into a buttered pan or slab or pour the syrup over the nuts on a buttered slab. When almost cool, sprinkle with pollen powder (or crushed pollen pellets) and brush with the melted chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, dust with the finely chopped nuts, larvae or pollen. After cooling, break into pieces and wrap individually.

In order to form even-sized bars or round shapes, pour the syrup into buttered moulds. Before completely cooled, these bars can be dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with any of the above materials for decoration. For special care with chocolate coatings, see also recipes in Chapter 2.

Many regions have their own special and preferred sweets and candy bars. Pollen can be incorporated into many of these recipes. Such incorporations should take place towards the end of processing, and the first cooling phase, in order to preserve as much as possible of the subtle characteristics and benefits of the pollen.

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