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Published byVilian, at Wednesday, August 05th , 2015 - 08:48:33 AM, in Apiterapi category. A few months back, Jenny, one of my patients asked me to treat her for infertility. I began treating her twice each week with acupuncture. Then in August, I started treating her with bee stings. Her menstrual period stopped in September and her pulse indicated that she was pregnant. When I told her what I had observed, she denied being pregnant because she had taken two home tests with negative results. However, since her pulse indicated pregnancy, I advised her that I would treat her with acupuncture as if she were pregnant. She agreed to this...


Published byVilian, at Friday, July 24th , 2015 - 09:01:00 AM, in Bee Pollen category. To avoid any problems with customers and with those who consume foods or use cosmetics and medicine-like products containing pollen, it would be advisable to include a warning on the product label, for example "This product contains pollen which may cause allergic reactions. Try small quantities first"...


Published byVilian, at Sunday, July 19th , 2015 - 10:27:15 AM, in English Articles category. Of all the numbers presented above, those with reference to percentage of water are perhaps most significant to honey judges. The standard for moisture content in honey shows has traditionally been 18.6%. Does the upper bound shown in the official definition (22.9%) mean that judges will have to accommodate honey in shows with what heretofore was considered an unacceptably high moisture content? In any case, this information will require changes in ENY 129 "Honey Judging and Standards" and ENY 130 "Moisture in Honey," available from this office in limited supply. The official definition does incorporate current U.S. standards and grades of extracted and comb honey which are quoted at length in the above fact sheets...

Bee Pollen Supplement for Children Developed in India

Published byVilian, at Thursday, July 23rd , 2015 - 08:52:41 AM, in English Articles category. The in-charge of Botany section of CBRTI Dr K Laxmi Rao, after thorough research on pollen grains, has prepared the capsules of bee pollens comprising the pollens of various plant species including coconut (50 per cent), sunflower (20 per cent), sesame (10 per cent) and mustard (20 per cent)...


Published byVilian, at Saturday, July 25th , 2015 - 10:26:20 AM, in Bee Pollen category. The high nutritional value of pollen should find special consideration in rural communities. Though not a traditional food, the ease of mixing it with other foods should facilitate acceptance. Rural hospitals could be the first to promote the use of pollen...


Published byVilian, at Tuesday, July 21st , 2015 - 08:28:46 AM, in Lebah category. 1.Berapa jumlah koloni lebah yang Bapak budidayakan saat ini?Bina Apiary Indonesia pernah mengelola 1000 koloni, tetapi overhead costnya terlalu tinggi, yakni untuk pindah2/migrasi dari Jawa Tengah ke Jawa Timur dan Jawa Barat, untuk beli gula pada saat paceklik tidak ada madu (musim hujan), untuk bayar peternak, sumbangan dan pungutan desa , keamanan dll, sehinga sekarang mengelola ternak inti 130 kotak (satu truk) sebagai peternakan INTI dengan membina plasma para peternak lain dan menampung hasil panen madu dengan pengawasan kwalita madu di lapangan waktu panen...

Info Tambahan Untuk Majalah Trubus

Published byVilian, at Wednesday, July 22nd , 2015 - 08:26:06 AM, in Apiari category. 6.Di luar Negari (Eropa dan USA) terjadi CCD (Colony Colapse Disorder) yang menyebabkan kematian lebah 40% /tahun sehingga produkasi madu juga menurun. Perubahan iklim juga di alami di Eropa yang juga berdampak pada penurunan produksi madu. Kondisi ini merupakan peluang bagi Negara Amerika Selatan (Brazil, Argentina, Meksiko) memasuki pasar madu USA dan Eropa. Apalagi madu China di band karena terlalu banyak mengandung logam berat. ..

Nutrient, Bee Propolis

Published byVilian, at Monday, July 20th , 2015 - 07:54:44 AM, in English Articles category. Proplis is recommended mainly by traditional and natural medicine practitioners. It is believed to be able to act as an antimicrobial, an emollient, an immunomodulator, a dental anti-plaque agent, and an anti-tumor growth agent. Emollients are substances effective in treating skin burns. ..

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