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3.12.4 Granola or breakfast cereals
Dry pollen pellets can be sprinkled directly over a prepared breakfast or incorporated in a cereal. Most prepared cereals require baking during processing or heating prior to eating, either would reduce the beneficial characteristics of pollen.

In order to be included in granola, pollen pellets need to be pulverized and then sprinkled over the cooling cereal (granola) while it is still moist and sticky. Inclusion in the granola dough prior to baking is not recommended. Pulverized pollen pellets may be mixed dry with powdery breakfast cereals or sprayed onto the cereal together with a honey (sugar) syrup possibly including other flavours or fruit juice after roasting or baking of the cereal.

An alternative for baked granolas as well as dry cereals (muesli) would be to include one or more measured portions of dried pollen pellets in a separate bag, ready to be added by the consumer. This avoids problems for some allergic consumers, saves processing and preserves the beneficial characteristics of pollen.

A basic granola recipe requires:
One or more of the rolled or puffed grains (rye, wheat, barley, buckwheat, oat, rice or some of the local grains still grown in many parts of the world), heated vegetable oil and a variety of seeds, nuts, dried fruits, coconut, wheat germ, etc., shredded or finely chopped and added in proportions determined by the preference of the manufacturer or customer.

Dried milk powder can be added and dried fruits, fruit juice or honey can be used for sweetening. Any pollen or insect larvae should only be added after toasting.

The rolled grains are spread in a baking pan and toasted under fre quent stirring for 10 to 15 minutes in an oven heated to 1500C. Then the rest of the ingredients are added and toasted for another 15 minutes with more stirring. A simpler alternative which however reduces the nutrient value of some of the ingredients involves mixing all the ingredients together and toasting them – also at 150 0C – for 35 minutes. Once cooled, store tightly covered and preferably refrigerated.

A muesli or dry cereal usually consists only of dried ingredients. No toasting or baking is necessary. The same granola ingredients can be mixed but without the oil. For consumption, the muesli is mixed with cold milk, water or fruit juice. Alternatively, it may be briefly boiled to soften the rolled grains.

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