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3.12 Recipes

Pollen can be added to a variety of foods and snacks. It does not involve any special adaptation of recipes, because the pollen is usually added in small quantities. However, pollen has a distinct flavour of its own and is usually slightly sweet. Thus it will alter delicate flavours and can even be detected in products with stronger flavours such as chocolate bars or granolas. Quantities should therefore be adjusted according to flavour.

Considering the sensitivity of pollen, its inclusion in products requiring processing (particularly heating) may cause a significant loss of beneficial effects. Fermentation into beebread may not only preserve many of the beneficial characteristics, but also add new enzymatic ingredients. Since pollen can easily be included in most recipes, only a few are provided here which might be Marketable by small enterprises, including beekeepers. Various processed forms (encapsulated, pills, extracts) are presented (see Figure 3.9) and additional recipes can be found in Chapters 2, 5, 8 and 9.

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