Bee pollen liquid is known as the most powerful of all bee pollen, however there is one other form that is even better that we will discuss below. Unlike most bee products on the market, the liquid form of bee pollen can be easily digested.

Studies have explained that there are two layers of bee pollen granules that can’t be processed by the digestive system. The first one is the outer coating and the other one is the inner coating. The middle layer is the one what is absorbed by our body. As for the conclusion, almost 30 percent of the nutrients are only absorbed by our system and the remaining 70 percent gets flushed away to our excretory system. In some cases, we have also learnt that as little as 5 percent of the pollen gets absorbed!

Bee pollen liquid benefits humans in many different ways. There are other products that claim to be the best including capsules and tablets but they’re not, unless they use a special kind of manufacturing process and source bee pollen from certain areas so all of the bee pollen can be utilized.

No other food supplement can replace the liquid form of bee pollen, unless it is manufactured in a certain way where the benefits can go even further. Bee pollen contains unique antibiotic properties for bacterial prevention and antioxidants to fight against life-threatening diseases and is now known as nature’s most complete food.

The liquid form of bee pollen is sometimes known as royal jelly but this is not bee pollen. This product is made from various sources that all benefit our health too. Royal jelly can boost our immune system and functions well on weight control. There is also proof that the liquid form of bee pollen reduces the signs of aging and acne pigmentation on the body. More importantly, bee pollen helps in reducing the moisture of the skin to make it more healthy and glowing.

Bee pollen liquid contains 67 percent of water and can be kept in the refrigerator. It doesn’t matter if it is frozen, the nutrients are still there. There are a lot of liquid bee products available on the market; however it’s quite confusing to know which one is good and which one is not. Since pollution is highly increasing in Asian and American countries, you have to eliminate these countries from for sources of bee pollen your list.

There is one way of consuming bee pollen that is even better than the liquid form. New Zealand bee pollen is our recommended choice. Since we all know that New Zealand is a good natural place with pristine beauty and nature, and also far from pollution, we can assure you that the bee pollens are safer to consume from this location. In some special instances, people extract the pollen as they believe that it can remove any harmful chemicals found. Well, no matter how many times you extract it, the harsh elements and marks of pollution are still there. This is why you have to choose your location very carefully.

There is one product we would like to highly recommend to you that contains bee pollen that is very different to that found in most products on the market. The product we use, especially in times of low energy and fatigue is called Natural Energy and is produced from a company in New Zealand called Xtend-Life Natural Products.

Their manufacturing department has solved the low absorption rate problem through a unique extraction system unmatched anywhere else in the world. What this means for you as the consumer, is that all of the true health benefits become obtainable and you don’t have to take mega doses to obtain them.

A special protocol is used that processes the bee pollen by a special mechanical means and then combines it with certain specific specialty enzymes in a perfect blend over a period of a certain amount of days, again all carefully researched for perfection.

On top of all of the above, our bee pollen product of choice includes special ingredients that increase the efficacy of the formula and of the many health benefits. Each ingredient has its individual health benefits, but it is only when they are combined together in a special way and in specific quantities that it is possible to obtain worthwhile results for optimal health.
In-fact, many people have become customers of this product through this site, and not only do they order the product once, they come back time and time again to re-order because quite frankly – it works!

Special enzymes are included along with, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other natural highly potent antioxidant ingredients.

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