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Published byVilian, at Thursday, August 06th , 2015 - 09:32:10 AM, in English Articles category. Children and the growing populace is what we see every day even in the disheartened country we dwell in. A child can introduce both the most excellent and most terrible in us yet it is entirely gratifying a lot of couples are striving to have children and most are doing well yet there are several who need additional enhancements, both young and more seasoned...


Published byVilian, at Saturday, July 18th , 2015 - 10:09:38 AM, in Bee Pollen category. Studies have explained that there are two layers of bee pollen granules that can’t be processed by the digestive system. The first one is the outer coating and the other one is the inner coating. The middle layer is the one what is absorbed by our body. As for the conclusion, almost 30 percent of the nutrients are only absorbed by our system and the remaining 70 percent gets flushed away to our excretory system. In some cases, we have also learnt that as little as 5 percent of the pollen gets absorbed!..

Bee Pollen Supplement for Children Developed in India

Published byVilian, at Thursday, July 23rd , 2015 - 08:52:41 AM, in English Articles category. Now your child would have more nutritious, still delicious supplementary food, highly rich in protein. City-based Central Bee Research and Training Institute (CBRTI), is seeking commercial production of Bee Pollen - a valuable product collected by honey bees. The product, in the form of capsules, is awaiting green signal from Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

Info Tambahan Untuk Majalah Trubus

Published byVilian, at Wednesday, July 22nd , 2015 - 08:26:06 AM, in Apiari category. 1.Posisi saya sekarang sebagai Ketua Dewan Pakar API ( Asosiasi Perlebahan Indonesia); Vice Chairman World Propolis Science Forum), Owner Bina Apiary Indonesia. Tahun 1983 sp 1993 menjabat sebagai President Komisi BEEKEEPING FOR Developing Countries APIMONDIALulus Fakulatas Kehutanan IPB 1966 Trus mengabdi sebagai PNS PNS Departemen Kehutanan pensiun IV E pada tahun 2006. Sekarang menikmati masa pensiun sambil ber wira usaha Perlebahan dan konsultan Reklamasi Pertambangan dan PerlebahanBelajar lebah di Negeri Belanda tahun 1977 dan terus mengikuti Kongres Apimondia sejak tahun 1979 di Athena Yunani. Setiap 2 tahun mengikuti 1981 di Acapulco Mexico, 1983 Budapest Hongaria terpilih sebagai President Comission Beekeeping for Developing Countries du usaia 42 tahun dst lihat CV terlampir...

Nutrient, Bee Propolis

Published byVilian, at Monday, July 20th , 2015 - 07:54:44 AM, in English Articles category. Generally, propolis promotes the overall health of the heart, and the immune system and can provide relief for certain conditions including inflammations, viral diseases, ulcers, burns, wound infections and sore throats. ..


Published byVilian, at Friday, July 24th , 2015 - 09:01:00 AM, in Bee Pollen category. Since there are so many different substances in the different pollen species to which people react with allergies, only some extractions or a general denaturalization can inactivate most of the allergens for commercial production. This probably ruins some of the beneficial characteristics of the pollen as well. Getting pollen from areas without the allergy-causing species may help individuals who want to consume pollen, but such identification and separation is unlikely to be feasible for commercial production...


Published byVilian, at Sunday, July 19th , 2015 - 10:27:15 AM, in English Articles category. (via "Jim Ellingson" )..


Published byVilian, at Tuesday, July 21st , 2015 - 08:28:46 AM, in Lebah category. 2.Apa jenis lebah yang Bapak budidayakan? Apis cerana, Apis mellifera?Secara komersial Apis mellifera lebih menguntungkan karena produksi tinggi (30 kg/koloni/tahun) ; dapat menghasilkan bee pollen, royal jelly dan propolis. Sedang Apis cerana hanya penghasil madu dalam jumlah kecil ( 5 kg/koloni/tahun)...

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