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Published byVilian, at Monday, July 06th , 2015 - 08:12:10 AM, in Bee Pollen category. Apakah Anda sering merasa perut kembung (penuh), mual dan nyeri pada ulu hati? Atau ada kerabat Anda yang sering bersendawa, sulit buang air besar (sembelit), gatal-gatal, alergi, otot terasa sakit setelah beristirahat serta tampak lesu dan kurang energik?..

The science involving the study of Bee Pollen is known as Palynology

Published byVilian, at Thursday, July 16th , 2015 - 17:51:30 PM, in Bee Pollen category. Many other flowers are also pollinated by certain birds, such as sunbirds, honeycreepers, lorikeets and hummingbirds. Marsupials (such as honey "mice" and bats) will also pollinate certain flowering plants, and even snails have been observed transporting pollen...


Published byVilian, at Tuesday, July 21st , 2015 - 08:28:46 AM, in Lebah category. 2.Apa jenis lebah yang Bapak budidayakan? Apis cerana, Apis mellifera?Secara komersial Apis mellifera lebih menguntungkan karena produksi tinggi (30 kg/koloni/tahun) ; dapat menghasilkan bee pollen, royal jelly dan propolis. Sedang Apis cerana hanya penghasil madu dalam jumlah kecil ( 5 kg/koloni/tahun)...


Published byVilian, at Sunday, July 19th , 2015 - 10:27:15 AM, in English Articles category. The actual words used in the official definition were approved October 9, 1993 and are subject to review every two years: "Honey is the nectar and sweet deposits from plants as gathered, modified and stored in the honeycomb of honey bees." That's not all of course; several honey categories and other considerations are also discussed in the three-page definition document. These include honey composition, types of honey, designation of honey sources, forms of honey, honey products, grading and methods of analysis...

Nutrient, Bee Propolis

Published byVilian, at Monday, July 20th , 2015 - 07:54:44 AM, in English Articles category. Propolis is manufactured into many forms and products including tablets, capsules, ointment, powder, extract, honey, chewing gum, food and beverages, cream, lotion and other cosmetics. When applying topically, caution should be exercised when applying propolis to the eye areas. Some people become more prone to developing allergies after repeated use of propolis...

Enjoy Your Bee Pollen In Good Health!

Published byVilian, at Friday, July 17th , 2015 - 17:58:51 PM, in Bee Pollen category. 7) Bee pollen helps chelate (flush out) poisons and toxins from the human body...


Published byVilian, at Saturday, July 18th , 2015 - 10:09:38 AM, in Bee Pollen category. Their manufacturing department has solved the low absorption rate problem through a unique extraction system unmatched anywhere else in the world. What this means for you as the consumer, is that all of the true health benefits become obtainable and you don’t have to take mega doses to obtain them...

Info Tambahan Untuk Majalah Trubus

Published byVilian, at Wednesday, July 22nd , 2015 - 08:26:06 AM, in Apiari category. Tanggal 22 sp 30 September 2011 Insya Allah saya dan istri mau ikut Kongres APIMONDIA di Buenos Airos Argentina Paper saya tentang Trigona telah diterima oleh Scientific Committee Apimondia. ..

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