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Published byVilian, at Tuesday, July 14th , 2015 - 07:44:02 AM, in Propolis category. Menjaga kebersihan mulut dan gigi, menggunakan produk-produk berfluoride dan mengunjungi dokter gigi secara rutin dapat mencegah atau mengontrol karies gigi...


Published byVilian, at Sunday, July 19th , 2015 - 10:27:15 AM, in English Articles category. Although the percentage of fructose and glucose constituents are about the same in honeys, glucose is more variable with a standard deviation of 3.04 as opposed to fructose's 1.77. Fructose is the major sugar component which provides the extreme sweetness in honey. This sugar also reduces possible crystallization in the product; Florida tupelo honey is well known for its high fructose content and tendency not to "sugar." The percentage of sucrose in honey has a larger range than might be expected. Citrus honey from Florida has been rejected in some international markets because of its relatively high sucrose content, which is also thought to promote crystallization. Obviously, some honeys are much more proteinaceous than others. Perhaps this will result in some interesting claims by producers in response to the well-known declaration that honey is nothing more than carbohydrate!..


Published byVilian, at Tuesday, July 21st , 2015 - 08:28:46 AM, in Lebah category. 6.Saya memperhatikan sarang-sarang lebah di hutan. Pada umumnya serangga sosial itu membuat sarang di cabang primer yang posisinya miring 15 derajat. Mengapa?Saya belum pernah meneliti atau memperoleh hasil penelitian ttg hal tsb. Akan saya tanyakan kepada pakar Biology atau Entomology. Tunngu jawaban menyusul..

Info Tambahan Untuk Majalah Trubus

Published byVilian, at Wednesday, July 22nd , 2015 - 08:26:06 AM, in Apiari category. 5.Madu palsu semakin marak beredar karena tidak ada pengawasan dari Pemerintah. Banyak pabrik madu palsu yang mengedarkan madu palsu dengan harga murah di pasaran Indonesia. Menurut survey trans TV dan Pusbahnas (Pusat Perlebahan Nasioanl) sekitar 80% madu di pasaran palsu. Hal ini sangat merugikan konsumen karena dengan mengkonsumsi madu palsu dapat meningkatkan gula darah bagi penderita diabetes, dan tidak ada tambahan gizi berupa vitamin, mineral, enzyme, anti oksidant, anti biotika dll yang terdapat pada madu asli...

Bee Pollen Supplement for Children Developed in India

Published byVilian, at Thursday, July 23rd , 2015 - 08:52:41 AM, in English Articles category. A Chyawanprash like product comprising 500 gm honey and 200 gm pollens has also been designed, especially for the children. Speaking on the results of the capsules, she said that already it had proven its health benefits among physically weak children...


Published byVilian, at Saturday, July 25th , 2015 - 10:26:20 AM, in Bee Pollen category. 3.11 Market OutlookDried pollen prices in the USA range from US$5 to 13 per kg wholesale and US$11 30 per kg retail (American Bee Journal, 1993). Encapsulated pollen or pollen tablets sell vials of 50 to 100 units and retail at prices of up to US$900/kg, at least in Italy and the The bulk pollen consumer market seems to be growing in industrialized countries, but pollen tablets are still a common feature of health food stores and command an excessively high price. Encapsulation and extraction of pollen lend themselves easily to small scale manufacturing and result in safer consumer products...

Nutrient, Bee Propolis

Published byVilian, at Monday, July 20th , 2015 - 07:54:44 AM, in English Articles category. In addition, propolis contain other bee secretions with substances effective in fighting germs, bacteria and viruses. For instance, propolis from hives found in China contain chrysin, sinapic acid, isoferulic acid and caffeic acid, which demonstrate anti-bacterial properties. ..


Published byVilian, at Friday, July 24th , 2015 - 09:01:00 AM, in Bee Pollen category. This preempts any foods in which pollen has been incorporated, but allows taking pollen for special health reasons. Barrionuevo (1983) and personal trials by the author, who is strongly allergic to some pollen species, confirmed that by avoiding contact with eyes, nose, mouth, throat and pharynx, no allergic reactions occurred with ingested pollen. Intestinal allergies to pollen are rarer than most food allergies (Schmidt and Buchmann, 1992). Still, careful trials by sensitive individuals are recommended for all products containing pollen...

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