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Published byVilian, at Sunday, May 10th , 2015 - 04:44:12 AM, in Produk category. ..


Published byVilian, at Monday, July 27th , 2015 - 09:47:57 AM, in Bee Pollen category. To avoid the granular structure of pollen or avoid some of the allergenic effects, pollen extracts can be prepared. The most common solvents for extraction are various types of alcohols. The higher the alcohol concentration, the more complete is the extraction of oils, fats, colours, resins and fat soluble vitamins from pollen. Solvents with lower concentration of alcohol mainly dissolve tannins, acids and carbohydrates...


Published byVilian, at Saturday, July 25th , 2015 - 10:26:20 AM, in Bee Pollen category. 3.11 Market OutlookDried pollen prices in the USA range from US$5 to 13 per kg wholesale and US$11 30 per kg retail (American Bee Journal, 1993). Encapsulated pollen or pollen tablets sell vials of 50 to 100 units and retail at prices of up to US$900/kg, at least in Italy and the The bulk pollen consumer market seems to be growing in industrialized countries, but pollen tablets are still a common feature of health food stores and command an excessively high price. Encapsulation and extraction of pollen lend themselves easily to small scale manufacturing and result in safer consumer products...

Bee Pollen Supplement for Children Developed in India

Published byVilian, at Thursday, July 23rd , 2015 - 08:52:41 AM, in English Articles category. A Chyawanprash like product comprising 500 gm honey and 200 gm pollens has also been designed, especially for the children. Speaking on the results of the capsules, she said that already it had proven its health benefits among physically weak children...


Published byVilian, at Sunday, July 26th , 2015 - 09:38:04 AM, in Bee Pollen category. Considering the sensitivity of pollen, its inclusion in products requiring processing (particularly heating) may cause a significant loss of beneficial effects. Fermentation into beebread may not only preserve many of the beneficial characteristics, but also add new enzymatic ingredients. Since pollen can easily be included in most recipes, only a few are provided here which might be Marketable by small enterprises, including beekeepers. Various processed forms (encapsulated, pills, extracts) are presented (see Figure 3.9) and additional recipes can be found in Chapters 2, 5, 8 and 9...


Published byVilian, at Tuesday, July 28th , 2015 - 09:57:51 AM, in Bee Bread category. PreservationFermentation produces a pleasant degree of acidity (ideally pH 3.6-3.8). Some pollen species may promote excessive yeast growth but this does not spoil the beebread. If the flavour is strange or some other mildew-like or unpleasant odours arise from the beebread, discard it and try again. The final product, can be stored for years, once unsealed, it can be dried and thus is storable for many more months...


Published byVilian, at Friday, July 24th , 2015 - 09:01:00 AM, in Bee Pollen category. The greatest risk of allergic reactions exists with the direct consumption of pollen. This, however, can be avoided by consuming pollen packed in capsules or coated pills which prevent direct contact with any mucous membranes. Once in the digestive tract, the body generally does not show any allergic reaction. Again, careful trials by sensitive individuals are recommended if consumption is assisted upon...


Published byVilian, at Wednesday, July 29th , 2015 - 10:05:28 AM, in Bee Pollen category. 3.12.3 Honev with pollenHealth food stores and beekeepers sometimes add up to 5 % (by weight) of pollen to honey. Using fresh pollen may lead to fermentation of the honey. Very well dried and finely ground pollen, however is more difficult to mix into the honey. Mix the pollen with a smaller quantity of honey and then add it to the final batch...

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